The Concept behind iBio

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WHY iBio

Almost all things are now digital, including giving out business cards. Now, it is perfect that new business leads can receive your business card via a mobile device with just few clicks.

In the tech intelligent world of today, iBio designs, keeps safe, and disseminates digital business cards with the use of mobile devices. The hassle of searching haphazardly for business cards in your drawer or office space for the purpose of following up a conversation is cancelled with the use of digital business cards. iBio stands to ensure that your connections are well organized.

iBio offers you a modern option to distribute your contact details even though paper or hard copy business cards have been in use for as long as four centuries now. Due to the long practice of using paper business cards, it is still common to see individuals exchange them on first contacts in order to introduce their businesses. 

The use of paper business cards is actually a great idea which has lasted for so long a time, but it does not promote interactions amongst contemporaries in this digital age.

We could as well say they are just good for sharing contact details. What other things are paper business cards capable of?

Can you attach a video? No, you cannot! They do not even save people’s contact information, and neither are they capable of carrying out automated follow-up of your contacts.

In today’s world, you definitely want a digital business card that would foster your interactions, which also integrates with other systems of your choice. If this is your desire, we offer you a “Contactless” Digital Business Card, the perfect solution for you.

With iBio, you can:

·      Get your personal bio card. See an example of a personal bio card here

·      Get a business bio card also. See a sample here

·      Shorten links.

We have various plans that you can choose from. Click

What then are the Advantages of Using an iBio Digital Business Card?

Beyond just sharing your contact details, what if people can visually see your brand story at the very first time you meet them?

·      iBio Digital Business Cards provides you a modern system of networking, and our cards are more excellent than paper business cards. Our Digital Business Cards allow you to store your contact details conveniently.

·      Sharing options are enabled to allow you disseminate your business cards to others via Text (SMS) and other social media – Facebook Messenger, Email, Facebook, QR Code and LinkedIn.

·      The contact details of whoever you share your card with is automatically saved. These details include; photo, name, email address, and phone number. It is not necessary for your recipients to have the app before they can view any digital card you send them.

Do you need to lay hold of people’s attention? We have effective ways to achieve that for you. You just create attractive videos that can catch people’s attention such as explainer videos or demo videos, then upload to your business card.

Perhaps you want to maintain contact with people after a meeting or an event, it is very possible with iBio Digital Business Card.

Different social media spaces exist for you to make your selection and link up your card, they include; LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and more. Our Notes Manager Tool is available for you to make personalized notes to avoid omitting or forgetting even the tiny details about people.

We also have a Built-in localization on our sophisticated system so, you can share your iBio Digital Business Card with international contacts too.  

What more benefits?

·      Easy to use and you Can Easily Share

Using the iBio card is hassle free, see here. In just a few steps, you are done! And sharing iBio Digital Business Card with people or clients is very easy. You can conveniently share your card out using their email addresses, SMS through phone numbers or any other social media of your choice. Meeting clients face-to-face is not essential to give them your card. After creating an iBio card, the system generates a barcode for you to scan and navigate to the card easily.

·      Convenient Way to Store Information

A very distinct advantage of Digital Business Card is that it offers you an easy way to keep safe all needed (even to the tiny detail) information in a place with no limitations. Paper cards on the other hand cannot help you achieve this due to insufficient space. You just include your website addresses, fax number, URLs, phone number, accounts on social media, and other necessary information in your card.

·      It is Affordable

Printing out paper cards after already using money to design them costs quite a lot of money, but this is not the case with Digital Cards because printing is not required. The only thing you would have to spend money to do an iBio Digital Business Card is the card design.

·      It is Unique

It is easy to give a unique view of yourself to clients with a Digital Business card because not everyone uses it. Your business would be unique compared with others who still use the paper business cards. This is a good way to beat down your competitors.

·      You can Easy Upgrade IBIO Digital Business Cards

One of the limitations of Paper business cards is the need to redesign them when a change or update is necessary. The cost of redesigning is not something to worry about when you use the Digital Business Card. The design allows you to update your information automatically without having to pay for printing.

·      It is Eco-supportive

The use of our digital business card is friendly to the ecosystem compared to paper cards. This is so because trees are cut to produce paper, but this is not necessary for digital cards since paper is not used. This way, the environment is kept safe and pure air is available for breathing. Deforestation is also prevented by this means.

·      Media Attachment is Possible

One amazing feature of our digital business card is that it allows you to attach your business media to your business card. Videos, forms, survey links, subscription list, and many more can be added to your card before sharing. So, whoever receives the card would also get the attachments. This feature is very advantageous in that you can promote what you do, and any client who receives your card would view you in high esteem. Better engagement is also achieved without hiring anyone to incorporate your media for you, you can do it on your own.


Making use of iBio Digital Business Card allows you to share your details with as many people as you want while still conserving your energy and precious time. Even your contacts or clients get to save time and human effort when all they have do is click on their device to view everything they need to know about you.

There is no fear of losing or using up your business cards once it is shared online. Digital Business Cards are gradually taking over the business space, get one from iBio today.