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5 Benefits Of E Business Cards To Take Your Networking Digital 2 minutes read

Business cards are a requirement for employees in many industries. If your business operates within these industries, you know that business cards are as much a part of business operations as telephone and internet services are. E business cards are the newest solution for these business networking needs. If your employees use business cards frequently and you, the business owner, supply them, find out the benefits of using digital business cards below.

Go Green

E business cards are more environmentally friendly. This makes it easier to make your business go green. Every little cutback and conservation effort makes a difference. Traditional business cards account for a tremendous amount of business waste. This is a major reason why digital marketing can scale much faster than traditional marketing efforts. One way to easily go green is to be more conservative when creating them. Creating digital business cards for your employees accomplishes this.

Lower Costs

These online business cards help lower operational costs for your business. Operations costs are notoriously difficult to cut-back on. After all, the operations budget funds the processes that make your business profits. A digital business card requires zero office supplies, like printer ink and paper. Therefore, it also requires less business resources. If you want to cut operational costs for your business, creating e business cards for employees rather than old fashioned ones is one way to do that.

Easier To Keep Track

Ebusiness cards are much easier keep track of than traditional premium card stock business cards. With a digital business card, you do not have to worry about contacts misplacing the paper and therefore losing contact with your business. An e-business card will automatically sync with existing contacts on a user’s computer. In fact, you can just include it in your email signatures. That means there is no chance of them losing your number, like the old excuse goes. The ability to account for every single contact made with all employee business cards is certainly an advantage over the old-fashioned style.


In addition to being easier to track, e business cards are also easier to search for. If your business has a whole bunch of employees this is important. When you need to reach out to an employee but do not know their contact information by heart, digital businesscard files are much easier to search than a Rolodex. All you have to do is type in the person’s name. The easy search capabilities afforded by a switch to an online business card format is a benefit you will definitely appreciate in the future.


The possibilities are near-endless with a digital business card model. There are no rules or boundaries when designing an e business card. You can use video, images, gifs, text or a combination of all of these within your employee business cards. This provides endless ways to showcase your employees’ work or your business’s products and offerings in the newly developing gig economy. Obviously, this provides considerable advantages to business outcomes on the whole.

If you are a business owner within the sales industry, real estate industry or similar, employee business cards are an operational expense for you. But, did you know you can cut operational costs by using e business cards instead of traditional paper versions? It is true. Digital business cards are much more affordable and more convenient. Let the advantages detailed above persuade you into making the change.

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Last updated on: 17 April, 2020